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May 04, 1999

Be a 4Kids Detective

Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to http://www.4Kids.org/detectives/

How many years old is the whale Metompkin? (Go to http://whale.wheelock.edu .)

For my money, Step 1 of financial planning is?

When did the area become Rocky Mountain National Park?


Whether you've got money on the mind or are hoping to watch your savings grow for the future, Moneyopolis is the ultimate site for cash-smart kids. Bring your piggybank out to http://www.moneyopolis.org/ and hang with other kids as you learn about managing your hard-earned dollars and cents. The Moneyopolis game places you in a town where money and math smarts are rewarded. With $600 in your back pocket, you'll have to decide where to put your new-found riches. Should you head to the mall or make a trip to the bank? At My Money, you'll create a budget by activating worksheets to keep track of how much cash you earn and spend. By getting the lowdown on your green-backs, you might be able to buy that new mountain bike or snowboard sooner than you think. Join the millionaire's club today!


Glistening with silver lakes, snow-capped peaks and golden sunrises, Rocky Mountain National Park is truly one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Thanks to its Web site, you can now stand atop the continental divide and experience the grandeur for yourself at http://www.explore-rocky.com/ For adventurers and outdoor-lovers, a section on hiking includes maps and trail info, plus tips on snowshoeing in the winter. Animal lovers will find facts and photos of the park's many inhabitants, including elk, beavers, eagles and coyotes. In addition to this, you'll find resources on camping, fishing, mountain climbing and driving at the park. Strap on those snowshoes and head for the Colorado Rockies!

Pub Date: 05/04/99

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