Gag pills aim for the incurable

May 03, 1999|By Los Angeles Times

What Viagra did for impotence beginning a year ago, a new group of pills promises to do for such ailments as inflated egos and bad hair days.

A Chicago company called Innovative Concepts has developed an entire pharmacy of over-the-counter candy pills to help remedy such previously incurable personal problems. They include:

* Cheepo Medication for Tightwads: For patients with "unusually short arms and deep pockets"; directions advise taking half a pill just before dining out with friends so that "when the bill comes, you'll feel like paying your share instead of disappearing into the bathroom."

* Beer Belly Pills: For people who "drink beer for a living" and have "the front of their pants putting in time-and-a-half."

* Getalife Baditude Anti-Attitude Pills: Said to chase away "sour facial expressions, big egos and excessive coolness."

* Bad Hair Day Pills: Take two tablets and go back to bed, the directions instruct -- "the only way to cure a bad hair day is to avoid one."

While they'll never be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, they at least offer comic relief.

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