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May 02, 1999


One way to save on a Florida vacation is to use the free green Traveler Discount Guide to Florida. The guide provides auto travelers with low rates on hotels and resorts. The guide is free at 12,000 locations, or may be ordered by calling 800-332-3948. A $3 shipping charge is made on telephone orders for the first guide, with a cost of $1 for each additional guide; credit cards are accepted.


The National Sleep Foundation conducts studies on travel-related sleep disorders. Last year, Hilton Hotels published results of several surveys that the foundation has conducted over the past four years. Here are a few excerpts from 1998's "Sleep and the Traveler II":

Jet lag: Fifty-two percent of U.S. business travelers correctly view jet lag as a physical phenomenon, while only 27 percent of German business travelers viewed it as such. Sixty-two percent of female travelers identified jet lag as a physical condition, while only 48 percent of male travelers did so.

Age rage: Sixty-six percent of travelers ages 18-44 say they don't "feel as good as they would like during a business trip," while only 36 percent of travelers ages 45 and older said the same thing. Twenty-seven percent of travelers in the younger age group say they have trouble staying focused during meetings while on the road, compared with 15 percent of travelers in the older age group.

Getting to bed: Eleven percent of German travelers say they book a "silent room" to get better sleep on business trips. Sixteen percent of Japanese respondents say they read or watch TV to achieve that end. And despite evidence that alcohol disrupts sleep patterns, 7 percent of Germans, 41 percent of Japanese and 15 percent of United Kingdom travelers said they drink to sleep better.

For a free copy of Hilton's "Sleep and the Traveler II," write for it in care of DCG, 7758 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90046.

Pub Date: 05/02/99

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