Analogy unfair to 12-year-olds While I can certainly...


May 02, 1999

Analogy unfair to 12-year-olds

While I can certainly empathize with Ray Miller's utter frustration with the Orioles' poor showing, I do take umbrage with a statement he made after Sunday's 11-10 loss to the Oakland Athletics.

The Orioles skipper said, "We walked 14 people today. We pitched like 12-year-olds." I must tell Miller that I have seen Little Leaguers play, and I have not witnessed as pathetic a pitching exhibition at the kids' level as what was perpetrated at Camden Yards last Sunday.

The Orioles manager owes an apology to all the 12-year-olds for equating them to a pitching staff that cannot find the plate.

Ray G. Thall, Gettysburg, Pa.

There's no hope for Orioles

For the first time in many years I haven't any hopes or aspirations of a successful Orioles season. With this in mind, there are a few things I would like to know.

Why did the Orioles return the exact starting pitching that flopped last year? Why was the bullpen downgraded instead of upgraded? Why doesn't Orioles management realize that pitching is at least 75 percent of the game? Why was Davey Johnson let go after managing the O's to the playoffs in two successive seasons, yet Ray Miller, a pitching coach masquerading as a manager, was brought back after being such a dismal failure last year?

Why was Eric Davis, the Orioles' leading hitter and a team leader, not re-signed for the $4 million he wanted? Yet Albert Belle signed for $13 million a season, three times more than Davis' asking price. Is Belle three times better than Davis? I don't think so.

Mike Wittik, Bel Air

Face it: Season is over

Everyone is tired of hearing "it's too early to tell" or "the season just started." Baloney. In reality, it's too late and the Orioles' season is over.

This $80 million collection of uninspired, underachieving players is an embarrassment. The Orioles have the worst record, not in the division, not in the league, but in both leagues.

We have starting pitchers with ERAs bigger than their hat sizes. We have a manager who's certifiably lost.

The solution is to fire the manager, unload the conspicuous, fat-walleted non-performers and bring up the minor-leaguers. Let's watch enjoyable baseball, because what we are seeing is an abomination.

Joseph L. Larson, Towson

Give Ripken a break

For years now, Sun columnist Ken Rosenthal has been harping on Cal Ripken's consecutive-games streak. It needed to end. It had to end. It had become bigger than the man and it took attention away from the rest of the team's efforts.

Now that "The Streak," all 2,632 games of it, is over, you would think Rosenthal would be content and at least bask in that for a while. Give the reader a much-needed rest from his rampages. But fans of baseball in Baltimore are not that lucky.

Ripken has given so much to this game over his career that we own him our consideration and understanding.

Anna O'Keeffe, West Friendship

Orioles show greed again

How generous of the Orioles to only charge "regular-season prices" for tickets to the game with Cuba.

For such a meaningless exhibition game, I think spring training prices would be in order. The Orioles' greed and craving for public attention supersedes everything, however.

Greg Gotwalt York, Pa.

Keep `Baltimore' off jerseys

I used to consider it an affront to my hometown that the name "Baltimore" had been removed from the Orioles' jerseys.

I'm now thinking that the City Council should consider legislation to make sure that it stays that way.

Sig Seideman, Owings Mills

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Pub Date: 5/02/99

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