`When you dress, you should stand out,' Poly senior says


Candid Closet: Student Loren Miles hasn't decided on his future yet, but his present is definitely stylish.

April 29, 1999|By Stephanie Shapiro | Stephanie Shapiro,SUN STAFF

Loren F. Miles Jr. -- tuba player, jazz trumpeter, president of the Western/Polytechnic Institute high school band, and a stylin' senior -- is getting ready for not one, but two proms, City College and Poly.

And he'll be dressed differently for both. For the City prom, his date has requested a tuxedo. At Poly, he'll probably have on something black and silver, school colors, in a sharp suit. This, Loren, 17, knows for sure, his dates are "gonna look good but I can't let nobody one-up me."

By working two jobs -- telemarketing at MBNA and at Vernon's Menswear in Security Square Mall -- Loren has put together an impressive wardrobe. He's not sure where he'll attend college -- Coppin State or Morgan, studying music education, computer science and culinary arts -- but rest assured he will look good on campus.

What is a typical school outfit for you?

I feel more comfortable in a shirt and tie. I don't wear blazers, just suits. A blazer blows an outfit out.

What is your look?

I like to do my own style of things. I like things like loud colors. I like to be seen. For example, I have a red tweed suit that has a kind of '40s look to it.

Do you have a signature piece of clothing?

Everywhere I go, I wear a hat. I got that from my father. Without a hat I feel naked. I wear a derby, and a regular black hat, a fedora.

Where do you shop?

All my suits come from Vernon's. I tend to buy shirts at K & G Men's Mart.

What do you wear when you're playing trumpet in the jazz band?

I have a tendency to wear my suit or just a little shirt and slacks set that's kind of dressy.

How do you dress for church?

I usually go to church in a casual shirt and tie. On special occasions, I'll wear my suit to church. And a hat.

Do you upstage the church ladies in their hats?

I don't care how good I look, I just can't compete with the church women. They have more experience dressing coming and going.

What is your philosophy for dressing?

When you dress, you should stand out. There should be no other like you. Some people see how one person puts a look together and want the same thing. But it should be how you put it together.

Do you have any prom advice for other high school guys?

I would say a tux is a good thing to wear. But if you get a tux and spend $100 just to rent it, in my opinion it will be better to just buy a suit, and actually have it for something down the line.

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