Build stories word by word


April 28, 1999

Here is a sentence building activity to try after reading "The Biggest Bear." For this activity you will need construction paper, scissors and a pencil.


Cut 25 2-inch squares out of construction paper. On five squares, write nouns (people and things) such as: bear, mother, Johnny, maple sugar, pancakes.

On five more squares write verbs (action words) such as: ran, ate, live, see, likes, makes.

On five more squares write adjectives (describing words) such as: big, sweet, old, fast, little.

On five more squares write connecting words such as: the, to, for, and, that.

Leave the remaining squares blank, so your child can add words. Create sentences and then stories using the squares.

Add more squares and add your own words. For older children, the words can be more complex. For younger children, cut out pictures and glue them to each square. Be creative. There are many new stories to tell!, -- Susan Rapp, Village Reading Center

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