"I enjoyed the book `Mary Poppins' by Pamela L. Travers. I...

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April 28, 1999

"I enjoyed the book `Mary Poppins' by Pamela L. Travers. I thought it was interesting when Mary Jane and Michael went inside a compass and traveled to the North, South, East and West. I liked the idea that Mary Poppins had magic powers. The book was a lot different than the movie."

-- Lauren Connolly

Prospect Mill Elementary

"Have you ever wanted to read an adventure story that takes place in another time? Then read `Toliver's Secret' by Esther Wood-Brady. It is about when a girl takes a secret message to General Washington during the Revolutionary War. It is about when a girl takes a secret message to the cobbler. The girl then takes the message hidden in a loaf of bread to the enemy redcoats. The message is hiding in a snuffbox."

-- Joel Swetz

Oakleigh Elementary

"I like the book `Meet Samantha: An American Girl" by Susan S. Adler because I like the character Samantha. This book is about the year 1904. Samantha is a 9-year-old orphan who lives with her wealthy grandparents. She wears pretty dresses, has pretty hair and is very brave. Samantha becomes good friends with a servant girl named Nellie. Samantha and Nellie plan a secret midnight adventure to see why Jessie, Grandma's seamstress, left."

-- Shelea Perry

Baltimore Highlands Elementary

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