Be a 4Kids Detective

Just for kids

April 27, 1999

When you know the answers to these questions, go to

On which coast did the Tlingit Indian people live?

Who first brought chocolate to Europe?

How do you become an Energy Chaser? (Go to http://www.exelon corp. com/kids/ to find out.)


From cookies to cake to fudge, it's almost impossible to resist the lure of chocolate. At Exploratorium's Exploring Chocolate Web site, you'll dive into a chocolate lover's fantasy world. Bring a sweet tooth out to

The site takes you from the cacao trees of the Amazon to the specialty chocolate shops of Switzerland and Belgium. You'll go back in time to learn how the Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs were enjoying this fun food long ago. This site is full of cool multimedia too, including video of a "chocolate party" in the Amazon. We'll see you under the cacao tree!


Experience for yourself the special relationship shared by Mother Nature and America's native peoples, one that exists across the continent. American Indians and the Natural World at -south-east-west/ is sponsored by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. This site depicts the unique ways in which American Indians relate to the world around them. You'll discover how tribal nations of the Great Plains looked to the skies for inspiration and knowledge, and how the Iroquois of the Northeast creatively survived their long, harsh winters. The site contains incredible artwork, photographs and mythology. Keep your eyes open for totem poles, canoes and ceremonial face masks. Answer the call of the wild world web!

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