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April 25, 1999


Dancing to an alphorn

By Deborah L. Lanham, Ellicott City

Last summer we spent a week in the Canadian Rockies. The first day of exploring the region, we came upon this sight. Standing smack dab in the front center of Lake Louise was this interesting fellow. He demonstrated the use of this instrument and we danced along with the sound. It was a majestic moment we are sure never to forget.


O.C. Fever is nearly upon us

Stephanie A. Dryden

Special to the Sun

Summertime. That's right. It's just around the corner. And whether you're 5, 15 or 50, as soon as that temperature starts to rise, it's only a matter of time before your mind, heart and soul are overcome with the inevitable -- O.C. Fever.

Suddenly, Coppertone is everywhere, in the air -- intoxicating your senses so that it is almost impossible to breathe in anything else. The intensity of the sun would be overwhelming if it weren't for the delicious, cool ocean breezes blowing from the shore. You stretch out on your beach blanket and prepare to drift off to sleep amid the waves.

The minor sting of an occasional bout of blowing sand doesn't really bother you any more than the incessant screeching of the hovering seagulls overhead. You don't care. You're in oceanic ecstacy! You've waited all year for this week. Sitting at your desk, punching away at your computer -- how many times have you envisioned yourself lying on the beach in this very spot?

I'm convinced that here and only here does sunshine, in fact, possess a fragrance all its own. It's not unlike the universal scent of summer, which can best be described as the marriage of warm, fresh air and coconut oil. Close your eyes, and you can practically drink in the union of water, land and air ...

Freshly showered, we sit quietly on the beach as the sun slowly sets. The wind starts to act up, whipping the fabric of my sundress against my sunburned leg. I reposition. Gazing out into the dark green waters, I am mesmerized by the rhythmic crashing, then gentle lapping of the seafoam as it sweeps over the sand.

It suddenly dawned on me that the scene before me has never changed. I witnessed it at 5, during summer family vacations, annually in high school and now. This panoramic ocean view has most certainly been witnessed by thousands before me, and will continue to be seen by those long after me.

Later that evening, our walk along the "Boards" turned into an unexpected stroll down Memory Lane. My 36-year-old psyche was instantly assaulted with the thoughts, aspirations and mindset of a giddy young high school girl. (Remember testing the waters of newfound independence as you and your friends piled down the ocean in droves during "Senior Week?")

The salty, vinegar smell of "boardwalk fries." Bright lights from the overpriced stores. Screams from the people on the rides. Warm whiffs of pizza. Chocolate-flavored soft ice-cream. Fried dough. The damp, musty smell of the wet boards. Coppertone. Loud music that you used to recognize. Even louder laughter from the suntanned, scantily clad crowd.

"Look, hon, funnel cakes. Let's get one and share it like we used to." The teen-age girl with the nose ring handed us our sugary delight. I'll always cherish the past, but it's time to create some new ocean memoirs.

Stephanie A. Dryden lives in Carney.


The Bahamas

Batya Minster,


"In February 1998, I traveled to Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island. Best of all, I was able to go right in Sanctuary Bay and swim with a dolphin. Having a dolphin give you rides through the water and play with you in the water is the ultimate. The day ends with a good-bye kiss from the dolphin. It was an amazing and exhilarating experience, and it seemed like the dolphins enjoyed it as much as I did."


Kay and Jack Winder,


"During a trip to Sedona, we signed up for a Jeep tour of Rattlesnake Canyon and the surrounding area. Our driver was an ex-rodeo performer who maneuvered the Jeep up, down, over and around areas that would stymie a mule. The scenery was breathtaking when we weren't hanging on for dear life. Unforgettable!"


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