Orioles' ups and downs

April 25, 1999|By Joe Strauss

Scott Erickson -- DOWN -- For Dr. Death (0-4), spring training has bled into the regular season. Pitching on three days' rest was a hoped-for panacea.

The A-Bomb -- DOWN -- The Orioles will pay $65 million over five years for Albert Belle's bat. How much more for some glove?

Media coverage -- UP -- Sports Illustrated, ESPN, The Sporting News and the notorious "Baltimore media." They all want a piece of this team. The first three weeks prove that fact is stranger than fiction.

Tom Trebelhorn -- UP -- Orioles minor-league director -- and former Milwaukee Brewers skipper -- is this week's manager-in-waiting. Warehouse intrigue swirls over Ray Miller's successor. Frank Wren and Peter Angelos remain publicly supportive, but Wren's two-week timetable expires next weekend. Forgive the manager if he isn't condo-hunting in Canton.

Charles Johnson -- DOWN -- No one doubts C. J.'s golden credentials, but his adjustment to a new league, new pitchers, new hitters and a new routine has been obvious. Botched signs have nearly gotten him injured on two occasions.

Attendance -- DOWN -- Orioles sold 3 million tickets before the season, 100,000 fewer than last season. As eight home games have showed, tickets sold don't equal tickets used.

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