Proof's in the printsBACK IN October 1991, Leanetta Little...

Scene and Heard in Anne Arundel

April 25, 1999

Proof's in the prints

BACK IN October 1991, Leanetta Little Blue pulled a no-show for sentencing on a guilty plea to arriving at BWI Airport with 13 pounds of marijuana.

Apprehended nearly eight years later, she appeared Friday before Anne Arundel County Circuit Judge Clayton R. Greene.

Except it wasn't she.

Assistant State's Attorney John LeCornu asked officials to pull fingerprint cards for Blue and for the woman standing in the courtroom -- whose lawyer was claiming the wrong person was about be sentenced for possession with intent to distribute drugs. The cards didn't match.

The wrong person was Blue's twin, Garretta Little, who told the court she was tired of being mistaken for the sister she hasn't seen in eons but who keeps creating problems for her.

Upon being freed, Little got a going-away gift.

"I gave her copies of the documents, these two fingerprint cards," LeCornu said.

-- Andrea F. Siegel

The most curious generation

AT THE north county library in Pasadena last week, an elderly woman walked shyly to the information desk and leaned close to the woman working the counter.

"I want to check out the Monica book," she said.

The woman at the counter said, "We have a long list, ma'am. But I can put you down as No. 74."

The woman, clearly wanting to distinguish herself from the other 73 people waiting to read words from President Clinton's tell-all mistress, felt the need to explain herself.

"I don't normally read this kind of stuff," she said, blushing. "It's just that it's so perverse. I wonder what's wrong with people these days. I'm trying to figure it out."

-- Kirsten Scharnberg

Can anybody spare a dime?

AT THE start of a news conference Friday to announce a joint regional planning conference Annapolis and Anne Arundel County officials had organized, Mayor Dean L. Johnson and County Executive Janet S. Owens fumbled over who should speak first.

"Should we toss a coin?" Owens asked.

After the laughter died down, Johnson patted his pockets and replied: "I don't have any coins."

To which Owens added, "And the county. We're broke."

-- Cheryl Tan

Fitness is a guilt trip

FINALLY ACTING on a New Year's Resolution, I called Dynamic Woman Exercise Center of Glen Burnie this week to sign up for a fitness program or to at least ask about it. First steps first.

They were very nice and didn't mention that it is nearly May. But they did ask me how I had come to hear about them.

Well, actually, I admitted, I'd seen their place while stopping by a Glen Burnie establishment I'm more familiar with, Dunkin' Donuts.

It seems, they tell me, that they get a lot of business that way.

-- Rosemary Armao

Pub Date: 4/24/99

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