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April 21, 1999

Can't Hit This!, TIME CAPSULE

Major-league pitchers threw a record seven no-hitters in one season. Nolan Ryan of the Texas Rangers (below) hurled his sixth career no-hitter. He was the oldest pitcher (age 43) to pitch a hitless game. (Nolan threw his seventh in 1991.)


Fleet-footed cornerback and wide receiver Deion Sanders of the Dallas Cowboys has been timed at 4.29 seconds in the 40-yard dash. That's one quick sprint! But a cheetah is three times quicker! Cheetahs have been clocked at 60 miles per hour. A cheetah can cover 40 yards in 1.36 seconds! A cheetah would eat Deion for lunch in the 40!

Pub Date: 04/21/99

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