Some stocks to consider now, and one that only death can help

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April 21, 1999|By Julius Westheimer

WHERE should you invest your money -- and not invest it?

Well-known stocks suggested in Personal Finance include: Bank of New York Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., General Electric Co., Home Depot Inc., Pfizer Inc., Coca-Cola Co., Intel Corp. and Sony Corp.

"With buyers moving in because they recognize good value, `junk' bonds should rally the rest of the year." (David Goldman, strategist, in Forbes.)


"Things look grim for funeral home operator Service Corporation International because people are living much longer." (Kiplinger's Personal Finance.)

"There's no proof that Mattel is out of the woods after its 50 percent stock plunge." (Sean McGowan, analyst.)

"When the high-tech darlings tumble under the weight of their overblown price-earnings ratios, there will be a mad rush for the exits." (U.S. Investment Report.)

"Will high-tech stocks short-circuit? Major tech indices will go haywire based on Internet mania, a poor earnings report or an ill-conceived high-tech transaction." (Black Enterprise magazine.)

GOOD ADVICE: "Hang onto your winners. An itchy trading finger can cost you if you sell too soon.

"And, by holding for at least 12 months, you reduce your capital gains tax to 20 percent from as much as 40 percent." (Working Woman.)

Pub Date: 4/21/99

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