Win lunch with the mayor

Contest focuses attention on municipal governments

April 19, 1999

The Maryland Municipal League has declared April 19-23 "Municipal Government Works Week," as a way to focus attention on the state's 157 municipal governments. To mark that occasion and to promote its revamped Web site, the government of the city of Annapolis has put together a quiz. The answers can be found by looking through:

On April 30, one sharp-eyed contestant will be awarded the grand prize of lunch with Mayor Dean L. Johnson at an Annapolis restaurant.

The quiz can be downloaded from the Web site -- or copied here. Entries are due April 27 at the City of Annapolis Public Information Office, 160 Duke of Gloucester St., Annapolis 21401. They also can be faxed to 410-263-8120 or e-mailed to city spokesman Tom Roskelly at:

1. How many employees does the city of Annapolis have? (Hint: Quick Facts)

2. How many departments does the city have? (A trick question: There is a difference between "departments" and "offices," with one exception.) There are 10 departments and the mayor's office is one. Can you name the other nine?

3. How many different languages are listed in the city's Language Bank?

4. When is the next scheduled bulk trash pickup for someone whose regular pickup days are Tuesday and Friday? (Hint: Public Works Department)

5. What is an RFP? (Hint: Central Services/Purchasing Department)

6. How many people comprise the Annapolis City Council?

7. How many miles of water, sanitary sewer and storm drains does the city have? (Hint: Quick Facts)

8. Name the six standing committees of the Annapolis City Council. (Hint: City Council Information)

9. The city is currently formulating its operating budget for fiscal year 2000. What is the city's total operating budget for FY99?(Hint: Quick Facts)

10. Annapolis is the oldest city in Maryland and one of the oldest in the United States, although we respectfully bow to St. Augustine, Fla., which bears the title of the oldest city in the United States. Annapolis was settled in 1649 and received a Royal Charter from Queen Anne. On what date did that happen? (Hint: Citizen Information)

11. Can you send e-mail directly to city elected officials and department heads?

12. How many people are currently involved in the Police Department's "Neighborhood Watch Program"?

13.What are the three divisions of the Planning and Zoning Department?

14. How many days a week does the city's trolley/shuttle service run?

15. What is the recovery percentage rate for stolen cars in the United States, the state of Maryland, and the city of Annapolis, respectively?

16. Truxtun Park is the largest city park (70 acres). How many tennis courts does it have? How many basketball courts does it have? How many acres of park land does the city have in total? (Hint: Quick Facts)

17. How many uniformed personnel are authorized for the Annapolis Fire Department? How many civilian personnel? (Hint: City Government Departments)

18. What is the official Census Bureau population figure for the city of Annapolis? (Hint: The only "official census" is that reported by the Census Bureau as of 1990)

19. The city of Annapolis encompasses 7.2 square miles and is known as "The Sailing Capital of the United States." How many miles of waterfront does it have?

20. What are the dates of the 1999 United States Sailboat Show? (Hint: Community Events)

Entries should include name, address and telephone number.

Pub Date: 4/19/99

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