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April 19, 1999|By Ellen Creager

A royal friendship

One of the Yak's favorite books is about Princess Sarah Forbes Bonetta. In 1850, Sarah was a 5-year-old West African princess who was about to be killed by enemies of her parents' tribe. At the last second, the tribal king decided to give her as a gift to England's Queen Victoria. Little Sarah became a protected friend of the world's most powerful monarch. The true story of her luck is told in "At Her Majesty's Request -- An African Princess in Victorian England" by Walter Dean Myers (Scholastic, $15.95).

Another book to enjoy is "Second Cousins" by Virginia Hamilton (Scholastic, $14.95). In this fast-moving sequel to "Cousins," 12-year-old Cammy Coleman gets a big shock at her family reunion -- she has relatives she never knew about, including a sassy half-sister.


This week's Brainy-Yak question:

Who made more than 300 products from peanuts?

A. Thomas Edison

B. Heny Planter

C. George Washington Carver

D Jimmy Carter


Pub Date: 04/19/99

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