Redskins bank Bailey, slew of picks

Saints give 8 selections for rights to Williams

Dishman to be released

April 18, 1999|By Bill Free | Bill Free,SUN STAFF

ASHBURN, Va. -- Often second-guessed for a lack of imagination and success on draft day, Washington Redskins general manager Charley Casserly went on a first-round trading binge yesterday that left him with the marquee player he wanted, three first-round draft picks next season and a net gain of three draft selections.

Casserly silenced his critics at least temporarily by bringing in an immediate-impact player in triple-threat Georgia cornerback Champ Bailey and building for the future with the three first-round choices and the three lower-round picks gained.

"I thought it all turned out pretty good for us," said Casserly, who pulled off the moves in just 30 minutes. "We got the player we had wanted at No. 5, another first-round pick next year for three firsts and some extra draft choices to build with."

The Redskins are so high on Bailey that they will release 33-year-old veteran Cris Dishman tomorrow. Coach Norv Turner said yesterday he has already informed Dishman of the decision.

Bailey was slightly stunned yesterday when told about the Dishman move.

"Wow. I can't believe it. They must really think a lot of me to do that," said the talented 6-footer, who has also returned kicks and played wide receiver. "I remember watching Cris Dishman play for the Houston Oilers."

Casserly helped turn a lot of heads in the NFL when he hooked up with the New Orleans Saints in an unprecedented trade that had the Saints giving all six of their draft picks this year, and their first-round and third-round choices next year for one player.

Fiery New Orleans coach Mike Ditka followed through yesterday on promises that he would trade all his picks for the right to draft Heisman Trophy running back Ricky Williams, and Casserly was happy to accommodate him with the No. 5 pick.

Ditka and the Saints are the first team in the NFL to ever trade away all their picks in one year.

A joyful Ditka puffed on a cigar yesterday and said, "I believe Ricky Williams was supposed to come here to New Orleans. I love everything about him. We really need this kid. He'll be for us like a Walter Payton was in Chicago."

Casserly said, "I think it was a good trade for both of us. New Orleans knew what it wanted and wasn't afraid to go after it in a big way. We had been talking to New Orleans since the league meetings and everything hinged on Williams being available at the fifth position. When it became evident today that Ricky Williams may not go at No. 4, we talked again to New Orleans and the deal was in place before the draft started."

As soon as New Orleans went on the clock for Williams, Casserly then went after a second trade that would land him Bailey with Chicago's seventh pick in the first round.

Casserly gave up five selections to the Bears for Bailey, who was the player the Redskins had originally intended to take with their No. 5 choice in the first round.

Casserly pedaled to Chicago the No. 12 first-round pick and third-round choice he had just received from New Orleans, along with the Redskins' fourth- and fifth-round selections yesterday and a third-round pick next season.

There was even more to come from the usually conservative Casserly in the second round.

He traded up three spots with Chicago to get the sixth pick in the second round and drafted a much-needed offensive lineman, Michigan right tackle Jon Jansen.

Washington sent its ninth choice in the second round and a fifth-round selection gained from New Orleans yesterday to the Bears.

While Casserly was doing it all in Washington, a happy Champ Bailey was living it up in Folkston, Ga.

"I have 300 people down here at my grandmother's house and we're all outside eating crawfish," said Bailey, who is expected to start at cornerback with veteran Darrell Green next season. "It will be something else to be playing with Darrell Green. I'll have to be careful not to ask for his autograph."

Bailey was 5 years old when Green played his first game with the Redskins.

Eight for one

The New Orleans Saints gave the Washington Redskins their entire draft, plus two picks next year, to move up in the first round and pick Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams with the No.5 overally selection:

Saints got Redskins got

Redskins' Saints' 1999 1st

1999 list Saints' 1999 3rd

Saints' 1999 4th

Saints' 1999 5th

Saints' 1999 6th

Saints' 1999 7th

Saints' 2000 1st

Saints' 2000 3rd**

*-Redskins traded these picks plus three others of their own to Chicago for the Bears' 1999 first-round pick, No. 7 overall.

**-Lower of two third-round picks.

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