End of the line for RipkenHow much longer are we Orioles...


April 18, 1999

End of the line for Ripken

How much longer are we Orioles fans going to have to watch Cal Ripken at third base? He can no longer do the job that he is paid to do. If any other player on the team played like he does, he would surely be on the bench.

Opening Day was the biggest joke of all. There was absolutely no justification for starting Ripken. This was just another form of his selfishness, and unwillingness to let the spotlight shine on someone else. Your back doesn't stiffen up in two innings. He was hurting before the team packed it in last year.

Unfortunately, we fans will probably have to watch this for the remainder of the season, thanks to The Sun, because the paper finds a way to get him in the headlines every day, whether he plays or not, to keep him the sentimental favorite.

Hang 'em up, Rip. It's time to move on.

Mike Abrams, Pasadena

Hope is lost with O's, Miller

I have been a loyal Orioles fan all of my life. I have stuck with the team through the good times and the bad times, and I always had hope. I fear that I am losing that hope.

I truly believe that the Orioles will not reach the playoffs, let alone the World Series, with Ray Miller as manager. He has too much talent on the team for it to get off to this kind of start. He is disrespectful to his players and dishonest with the fans and the media. He refuses to accept responsibility and listen to advice.

Peter Angelos, you have Eddie Murray sitting on the bench, or Don Baylor in Atlanta. Get one of them to come in here to be manager before it is too late.

David Cleghorn, Baltimore

It's too early to panic

There used to be a time in this town when we demonstrated a bit of patience before writing off our team for the season. There used to be a time in this town when a fan would mutter or exclaim his or her frustrations during a rough stretch, then provide either public or private encouragement to the home team.

Today we are personally offended when the team loses ugly over a four-game span.

There used to be a time when the success or failure of a season was determined by how the team faced and responded to failures on the field and the stuff that life throws at your head between the innings of the game.

Write off the Orioles' season after eight games? Let's see first how they respond to the many challenges that lay before them.

Gary A. Rostkowski, Parkville

Who's the role model?

This is in response to Joshua Wolf's letter about Orioles pitcher Doug Johns in The Sun last Sunday ["Johns should've been punished"].

I can't believe Mr. Wolf is a teacher of anything. He chides manager Ray Miller for not taking away Johns' right to the presumption of innocence.

Mr. Wolf, what are you going to say to the students when they need a role model? Tell them a good role model knows that all Americans, when arrested, are not guilty until proven in a court of law.

And, Mr. Wolf, now it's your "golden opportunity" to tell your students that role models are their parents.

Mike Henley, Glen Burnie

Leave R. White alone

Milton Kent, give Reggie White a break.

He stands tall, noble and especially courageous in many people's eyes.

There is such a thing as privacy and modesty, even in the locker room, where female reporters do not belong.

The feeding frenzy of the media is as intolerable as ever.

Marilyn Guill, Catonsville

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