Living the kind of life you want

April 18, 1999|By Jeff Herring | Jeff Herring,Knight Ridder/Tribune

"If today were the last of all days ..."

Marilyn Scott -- singer

No, this is not about Y2K. What it is about is designing and living the kind of life you want. Ask yourself the question posed by Marilyn Scott in the popular jazz song "If Today Were the Last of All Days." Would you:

* Start the business you have always wanted to?

* Take that trip you had always planned?

* Heal an old hurt?

* Forgive an old offense?

* Visit someone who would love to see you?

* Reconnect and catch up with an old friend?

* See a sight you have dreamed of seeing?

* Learn how to do something new?

* Go on an adventure?

* Ask someone to forgive you?

* Learn how to communicate with your spouse?

* Learn how to communicate with your kids?

* Learn how to communicate with your parents?

* Thank your parents?

* Make love with your spouse as though you mean it?

* Tell someone how much you love him or her?

* See a movie or read a book?

* Quit sweating the small stuff?

* Finally understand that it's almost all small stuff?

* Tell someone how much you appreciate what he or she has contributed to your life?

* Thank someone for believing in you?

* Gather your family around you and just hold them?

* Get your priorities in order?

* Finish that project you left hanging?

* Consider what the meaning of your life has been?

* Focus on what's important?

* Balance your family and work life?

* Get to know your kids?

* Get to know your spouse?

* Get to know yourself?

* Let someone in front of you in traffic?

* Find out the names of the people who live next door, across the street, behind you?

* Slow down and enjoy what you have worked so hard for?

The real question is: What's keeping you from doing any or all of these things now?

Here a simple suggestion: One of the best ways to begin designing and living the life of your dreams is to start doing these things now. Why wait for the last of all days or some equally devastating event? This life is not a dress rehearsal.

Here is the last line of the Marilyn Scott song:

"Doesn't it seem strange we would only start living our lives, if today were the last of all days?"

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