Arab leaders visiting with Kadafi on Libya's coastCAIRO...

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April 18, 1999

Arab leaders visiting with Kadafi on Libya's coast

CAIRO, Egypt -- Jordan's King Abdullah and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat were in Libya yesterday for separate talks with Libyan leader Col. Muammar el Kadafi, media reports said.

Abdullah arrived yesterday at the coastal town of Sirte, 250 miles east of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, state-run Libyan television reported. Arafat arrived there the night before.

Abdullah and Arafat are among the first Arab leaders to fly into Libya since a seven-year United Nations travel ban was suspended this month. Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmed el-Bashir visited two weeks ago.

U.S. warplanes over Iraq hit anti-aircraft, radar sites

ANKARA, Turkey -- U.S. fighter planes attacked anti-aircraft sites in Iraq yesterday after they were threatened while patrolling the northern no-fly zone, U.S. officials said.

It was the first confrontation in the area in about a month.

U.S. Air Force F-15Es and F-16Cs dropped laser-guided bombs on anti-aircraft sites near the city of Mosul and fired missiles at radar sites in the same area, said Capt. Manning Brown, a spokesman for Operation Northern Watch at Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey. He said all planes left the area safely.

Britain's Cardinal Hume facing advanced cancer

LONDON -- Cardinal Basil Hume, the leader of Roman Catholics in England and Wales, revealed yesterday that he has an advanced case of cancer.

"I have received two wonderful graces. First, I have been given time to prepare for a new future. Secondly, I find myself -- uncharacteristically -- calm and at peace," the 76-year-old cardinal wrote to priests in his archdiocese.

Oil pipeline opens from Caspian Sea fields

SUPSA, Georgia -- Amid much ceremony and fanfare, the presidents of three former Soviet republics and other officials gathered in the Black Sea town of Supsa yesterday to open a strategically important new oil pipeline that taps extensive reserves in the Caspian Sea.

The pipeline connecting Baku, Azerbaijan, to Supsa marks another key step in the development of the Caspian Sea fields, which have limited means to export the oil to world markets.

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