50 years ago: The invitations sent by the Westminster...


April 18, 1999|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

50 years ago: The invitations sent by the Westminster Chamber of Commerce that Millard E. Tydings would make an address in the Westminster High School auditorium on April 8 drew an audience of more than 500. He mentioned that the Marshall Plan and the Atlantic Pact is something that will help prevent war, if anything does. The binding of these nations will make a hostile country think before it strikes. -- Democratic Advocate, April 15, 1949.

75 years ago: The annual meeting of the Carroll County Society of Baltimore was held April 10. A collection of valuable historical records, incident to the formation of Carroll County, was presented to the society by Edwin Wilmer Shriver, formerly of Westminster. Mr. Shriver, originator of the rural free delivery system, explained the idea occurred to him while driving along the Deer Park road in August 1898, when he was requested to mail a letter addressed to a person whose home he would pass. He delivered the letter 42 minutes later although it would not have been delivered by mail until 42 hours later. -- Democratic Advocate, April 18, 1924.

100 years ago: The dwelling of Daniel Bush, near Patapsco, with all its contents, was destroyed by fire on Saturday night. Mr. Bush and his family were absent at the time. The fire, it is supposed, was started by a spark falling on the roof or from a defective chimney. The loss approximates $1,000. The insurance on building and contents was $600. -- Democratic Advocate, April 15, 1899.

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