Taking Blair to task

April 15, 1999

This is an excerpt of an editorial that was published by the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph yesterday:

THREE weeks after the onset of war against Serbia, the prime minister has at last deigned to explain the government's bellicose policy to the House of Commons. It was a perfunctory performance, one that restated the moral purpose of military action in the Balkans but failed to offer evidence that the campaign is achieving worthwhile results.

Pointing fingers

As the leader of a supporting power, Prime Minister Tony Blair is in the difficult position of defending a policy that he does not control. It is the White House that is chiefly responsible for the planning and conduct of a war that has involved inadequate levels of force at every stage, uncannily reminiscent of the ill-fated incrementalism of the Vietnam War.

It is now clear that NATO made a strategic error in threatening Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic before it had a credible level of military force in the region.

Pub Date: 4/15/99

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