To show students that doing well can bring them...

Student of the Week

April 14, 1999

To show students that doing well can bring them recognition, the Citizens Advisory Committee of Quarterfield Elementary School has asked The Sun to help publicize its Student of the Week. Winners of the honor must write about themselves.

My name is Amanda Castle. I am 11 years old and in the fifth grade. I go to Quarterfield Elementary. I collect Ty Beanie Babies. I have 149, and I am getting more. Our family pets are a beagle named Burt, and a cat named Murray. My mom has a dachshund named Rudy. I am a cheerleader for LTC Spirit. My head coach is Teresa Snyder, and the other coaches are Amy, Lauren and Kary. I was born at GBMC. In my spare time, I play with Lauren George and Nicole Whitlow who live near me. My favorite foods are steamed crabs, Brussels sprouts, french fries and steak. I have two brothers, Matthew, who is 14 and Christopher, who is 2, a mom, a dad, a stepmom and a stepdad. I call that being a "LUCKY" person!

Pub Date: 4/14/99

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