Recognizing words through rhyme


April 14, 1999|By Susan Rapp | Susan Rapp,Village Reading Center

These activities using words from "The Five Chinese Brothers" can help develop your child's sight recognition and copying skills. First, a parent or caregiver should write the words in large print on a piece of paper. Then practice saying or writing them with the child.

first sea ocean mother fire brother judge second place home

Next, ask him to number a lined paper from 1 to 5, skipping lines. With the list of words from "The Five Chinese Brothers" in front of him, ask your child to find and write the word that rhymes with each of these clues.

1. begins with the letter s and rhymes with me.

2. begins with the letter f and rhymes with thirst.

3. begins with the letter j and rhymes with fudge.

4. begins with the letter b and rhymes with mother.

5. begins with the letter p and rhymes with face.

Check what your child wrote by saying each rhyming word in the clue and asking your child to say what he wrote.

Vary this activity depending on your child's age. For example, use only the five list words that will answer the rhymes, or have your child say the word instead of writing it.

Pub Date: 04/14/99

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