Orioles' ups and downs

April 11, 1999|By Joe Strauss

Official scoring -- DOWN -- Orioles pitchers beware: Errors will not be recognized this season at Camden Yards. ERAs to receive hydraulic lift.

The Thrill --UP-- Will Clark arrived at Fort Lauderdale en fuego and hasn't cooled since. He even extended to make a stop Opening Day.

Injury intrigue --DOWN-- First Cal Ripken sits with lower-back spasms. Then he's supposed to play. Wait a minute, on second (or third) thought, he's not. The club's don't-ask-don't-tell game is getting old.

Willis Otanez --UP-- Rookie third baseman/designated hitter looked to be a misfit given the April 2 addition of Jeff Conine. Wednesday's double and home run proved otherwise.

The Tractor Man --UP-- Chris Hoiles never used his degenerating hip condition to counter critics who loved to rip his catching skills. He accepted his release with class and perhaps a belated sense of relief. Not only a good guy. One of the best.

Starting rotation --DOWN-- Scott Kamieniecki's hamstring, Sidney Ponson's blister, Scott Erickson's upset schedule, Juan Guzman's allergic reaction to April. Is it always this chilly this early in the season?

Pub Date: 4/11/99

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