Young writers make mark

April 09, 1999

Howard County schools have provided The Sun with winning entries in the county's Young Authors Contest for second- through fifth-graders. These pupils advanced to the State of Maryland International Reading Association Council (SoMIRAC) contest. In both contests, the authors' works were judged without their names and schools attached.

The Sun will periodically publish students' short stories, poetry and photos that have won recognition in school contests and other educational arenas.

Kelly Hetzler

Thunder Hill Elementary

Grade 3

Mr. and Mrs. Dear Learn a Lesson

Mr. and Mrs. Dear lived in a beautiful little cottage in the woods. Life should have been wonderful in the beautiful little cottage, but it was not. Mr. and Mrs. Dear had a problem. The problem was their large lovely antlers. Whenever Mr. Dear was getting dressed his clothes always got stuck on his antlers. Everyday he had a very hard time getting dressed. His clothes usually ended up on the ground. When Mrs. Dear went to answer the phone she would get the telephone cord twisted in her antlers. This made it very difficult for Mrs. Dear to talk on the phone. Another big problem for Mr. and Mrs. Dear was that they would get stuck in the doorway of their cottage because of their antlers. They had to remember to turn just right to get through the doorway. One day after having the usual problems with their antlers they decided to take a walk in the woods. Mr. and Mrs. Dear were walking along when they came upon a big mean black bear.

This bear said: "I'm going to eat you!"

Mr. Dear thought for a minute, then he stepped up to the bear and used his antlers as a weapon! The bear ran away and Mr. and Mrs. Dear went back home very happy. Mr. and Mrs. Dear had learned a lesson about their antlers. That their antlers can be trouble for someone else too!

Katie Annett

Laurel Woods Elementary

Grade 4

The Talking Princess

Once there was a princess named Blabbermouth Olivia. She had one problem. She talked too much. In fact, she couldn't even stop talking in her sleep. Her parents wanted her to stop talking at least once. They were getting annoyed by her constant jabbering. They wanted to help solve her problem. Whenever they tried to talk with her, she would interrupt them, and then talk for hours. She said that only the most handsome of princes would stop her from talking. Her parents tried to introduce her to handsome people. But she kept saying no. One day she was taking a walk and of course talking to herself when a frog hopped across her path. She was surprised when the frog said, "Kiss me and I will become a handsome prince." So she kissed the frog but the frog remained just a frog. He had lied to her. He had just wanted a kiss. The princess never spoke again.

Maddie Burke

Longfellow Elementary

Grade 3

There's A Freckle On My Freckle

There's a freckle on my freckle where a freckle used to be.

My freckle moved to my freckly face where it could frockle free.

My freckle moved to my arm. Then my arm was a charm because it became a freckle frickling farm.

My freckle didn't like it there because it would sneeze like an allergic bear. So my freckle moved back down to my knees where it got on top of a freckle.

Now I have a freckle on a freckle where a freckle used to be.

Charlie Kassir

Hollifield Station Elementary

Grade 2


I hear bats


"eeee eeee!"

a witch

"hehe hehe!"

I hear wood


"squeek squeek!"

I see bats


"flap flap!"

a spider


a web

"spin spin!"

I see spider webs

in corners

"ich ich!"

I feel scared

"ahhh ahhh!"

I feel jumpy

"yikes yikes!"

I feel exhausted

"haha haha"

Beth Arsenault

Hollifield Station Elementary

Grade 4


Diving. It's a thrill no one can resist

For as you guide through the water

It feels as if you are gliding

Through a thick white autumn mist.

And as your thick black messy hair

Becomes shiny as a lion's mane

You know that you will soon be there

Above the surface that seems in the air.

And the feeling of pride as you come upon land

Holds in your heart forever as well as the hand

In which receives the pride of the ribbon all blue

To hang on your favorite walls of the house -- your room.

Uzma Ahmed

Hollifield Station Elementary

Grade 5

Rainy Days & Froggy Nights

If I could be an animal

I would be a frog

Just in plain sight

No one to boss me

And no sisters to fight.

Nothing to do,

Nothing to care.

To be as free as a bird

With no toys to share.

I would sit on a log

Very still in the wood,

I could eat a fly

If it tasted good.

I would really be a frog

If I got the chance,

You would see.

But right now,

I am happy to be me!

Pub Date: 04/09/99

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