Young writers make their mark

April 08, 1999

Howard County schools have provided The Sun with winning entries in the county's Young Authors Contest for second- through fifth-graders. These are some of the students who advanced to the State of Maryland International Reading Association Council (SoMIRAC) contest. Other entries will be published later. Three Centennial Lane authors who won first place and honorable mentions were invited with their parents, principal and teacher to the SoMIRAC Reading Convention last month in Towson. In both contests, the authors' works were judged without their names and schools attached.

The Sun will periodically publish students' short stories, poetry and photos that have won recognition in school contests and other educational arenas.

Jessica Rose Stein

Centennial Lane Elementary

Grade 2

SoMIRAC Winner for Short Story

Raccoons Rumble

Tim was a frisky raccoon and he was very smart. He made a guitar, a flute, maracas and a drum for himself. Everyone wondered why Tim made all those instruments.

The next morning Tim gave Sally, his next door neighbor, the flute. "Why, thank you," said Sally. "What's this for?" "You'll see," said Tim, and with a swish of his ringed tail he was gone.

Next Saturday Tim gave Max the guitar. "Bon jour," said Max, (he was a French raccoon), "but what do I do with this?" "You'll see." That was what he had said to Sally.

The next morning Tim delivered the maracas to Maria. "Gracias," said Maria, (she was a Spanish raccoon). "What's this for?" "You'll see," said Tim and with a twitch of his nose he was gone.

The next morning, Tim did not give out any instruments. He kept the drum for himself. Today is the big day where I get Sally, Max and Maria together. When I get them together, all the raccoons will rumble!

When Tim did get them together there was no music. There was a lot of BAM, YOW, CRASH, BONG! "Oh, no!" thought Tim, "this was not what I wanted, what did I do wrong?"

Then Max and Sally and Maria put their heads together and "La, la, la, me, me, me." They tuned up their voices and they traded instruments. The music sounded much better after they traded.

Tim was surprised that the raccoons had traded the instruments. He rushed to Sally. "Sally, I thought your favorite instrument was the flute?" "It is," replied Sally. "But now you have the maracas and the rest of you traded also," shrieked Tim. They all shouted, "But we know how to play these instruments! The instruments you gave us are our favorite instruments, but we know how to play these!"

Just then, Charlie the moose came and said, "What are all these instruments for?" Maria explained everything that was going on. "Oh," said Charlie, as he explained to Tim, "you have to play what you know how to play or it will be a big mistake. I brought my piano, so let's play now. You all know how!"

Tim, Sally, Max, Maria, and Charlie played with all their might.

Carrie Gartner

Centennial Lane Elementary

Grade 4

SoMIRAC Honorable Mention in Poetry

A Poem About Dr. Seuss

His real name was Theodor

He was born in the year 1904

And he wrote books that kids just adore.

We call him Dr. Seuss

and his dad worked in a zoo

where there were all kinds of animals -- including a moose.

His dad might have worked in a zoo

but he could have been a ghost

because Dr. Seuss lived on both

east and west coast.

There are only 50 words in

Green Eggs and Ham

am I impressed ...

I am ... I am.

His most popular book

is Cat In The Hat.

Imagine that ... a Cat In My Hat.

He wrote 49 books

so as a writer, I'd say

he's a success and is loved by the kids of today.

Nicholas Aburn

Centennial Lane Elementary

Grade 5

SoMIRAC Honorable Mention in Poetry

Morning Hymn

The sun wakes to the day

greeting all with a bright smile.

The brilliant blue sky surrounds

the world with a serene blanket of color.

The dazzling green grass

covers the world with a sheet of soft cool emerald.

The small birds chant their

soft melodic song.

The crisp air floats outside

while the dewdrops dance on the grass.

Small squirrels chatter

prancing with their tails high.

Chipmunks gather nuts in their

small pouchlike mouths

for the upcoming frost.

Jacqueline Cassard

Hollifield Station Elementary

Grade 3

The Sun

What is that fiery thing up there in the sky?

And how does it fly?

And why?

Can I take it down?

And if I can, how?

Well, whatever that thing is and where it came from I don't know.

But someday I'll know all these things so ...

Don't ask me till then.

David Shulman

Hollifield Station Elementary

Grade 3

Turkey Breakaway

I started to run to my house but little did I know it would be a very strange Thanksgiving. I sat down ready to finish my plate and play my favorite computer game. My mom, dad, and little brother were in the kitchen trying to bake the turkey. Just then I heard a crashing noise and my brother shouting "T! T!" I raced into the kitchen just as the speeding turkey whizzed by. Next came my little brother. "T! T!" he shouted.

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