White House document alleges Serb atrocities

Record offers accounts of `ethnic cleansing,' other crimes in Kosovo


An internal White House document attempts to catalog the difficult-to-verify reports of "ethnic cleansing" and other war crimes by Serbian forces in Kosovo. These atrocities have not all been independently verified, and some conflict with other reports.

Here is the city-by-city listing:

Acareva -- Burned March 30.

Arllat -- Executed 200 ethnic Albanian men.

Bella Cervka -- Killed as many as 500 people.

Cirez -- Used 20,000 ethnic Albanians as shields against NATO bombings. The Kosovo Liberation Army and news reports say these people are missing.

Dakovica -- Executed at least 100 people. Seventy bodies found in two houses, another 33 found in river. Men are being separated from women and children. All ethnic Albanians expelled and their shops and homes burned.

Glogovac -- Burned ethnic Albanian residential area.

Goden -- Executed 20 men March 25. Burned town.

Klina -- Expelled villagers.

Kosovoska Mitrovica -- Expelled all ethnic Albanians. Killed prominent ethnic Albanians, including Latif Berisha, a poet and president of the Democratic Alliance of the Mitrovica Municipality, and Agim Hajrizi, chairman of the Assembly of the Independent Workers' Union. Burned more than 200 homes.

Likovc -- Burned March 30.

Malisevo -- Executed 50 men March 27 and three days later set the town on fire.

Orlate -- Set village on fire March 30.

Pec -- Expelled 50,000 ethnic Albanians. Killed at least 50 and burned them in their yards March 27. About 200 ethnic Albanians, seeking shelter in the Albanian Catholic Church, were dragged out and expelled. Homes and shops burned. Soccer stadium used as detention center.

Podujevo -- Burned 90 percent of town, removed ethnic Albanians from cars and shot them on the spot.

Pristina -- Executed ethnic Albanian men -- including human rights lawyer Bjram Kelmendi.

Though the White House report also alleges that Fehmi Agani and Venon Surroi, two negotiators at the Rambouillet peace talks, were executed, associates of the two men say Agani is out of the country and Surroi is in hiding. The report says Serbs burned and looted ethnic Albanian homes and stores, separated men from women and children, and told ethnic Albanians to flee or be killed. Refugees report that Serb forces have begun rounding up as many as 200,000 ethnic Albanians in the area and sending them to Macedonia by train.

Prizren -- Executed about 25 civilians. Shelled downtown area. Ethnic Albanians sent to the border and had all personal documentation confiscated.

Rezalla -- Burned March 30.

Rogovo -- Executed at least 50 ethnic Albanians.

Srbica -- Executed 115 ethnic Albanian men and are holding 20,000 prisoners in ammunitions factory. Other reports put the hostages in the factory at only 200.

Stimlje -- Burned the headquarters of a human rights committee, the Democratic League of Kosovo, and ethnic Albanian homes, shops and vehicles. Expelled nearly 25,000 civilians.

Suva Reka -- Killed as many as 350 ethnic Albanians, burning some alive in their homes. Sixty percent of the town has been burned. Encircled town March 28, and the town has been "cleansed" of ethnic Albanians.

Urosevac -- Forced refugees on train to walk four miles to Macedonia.

Velika Kruska -- Killed about 160 ethnic Albanians, dumping 50 bodies in a mass grave. Human Rights Watch reports at least 55 deaths, and CNN interviewed a witness who said 112 bodies were burned in a mass grave.

Vucitrn -- Killed four young ethnic Albanians, including a 14-year-old girl. Burned and looted ethnic Albanian property. Snipers staked out positions downtown. By March 29, Serb forces ordered all ethnic Albanians to leave.

Zhuri -- Expelled all ethnic Albanians, as many as 7,000 people, March 28.

Zulfaj -- Expelled ethnic Albanian population and burned town.

Zym -- Burned.

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