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April 07, 1999

If you could be any actor in any movie, who would you be?

Eric Swann, defensive tackle, Arizona Cardinals: "Eddie Murphy in Dr. Dolittle. His character was so fun-loving and kind to the animals."

Penny Hardaway, guard, Orlando Magic: "Denzel Washington in A Soldier's Story. That's my all-time favorite movie."

Lindsay Davenport, tennis player: "Demi Moore in A Few Good Men. I loved that movie."

Game Time

What's my record?

I'm Cal Ripken Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles. In September 1998, I ended my record streak of games played in a row. The streak began in 1982. To figure out how many games I played:

* Multiply the number of games in a baseball season (162) by the number of seasons my streak lasted.

* Then, multiply my uniform number by the number of fingers on a batting glove.

* Add the two totals. What's my consecutive games-played record?

ANSWER: 2,632 games played

Pub Date: 04/07/99

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