Screening day helps you learn if drinking's a problem

April 07, 1999|By Los Angeles Times

If you're worried -- or just wondering -- if you or a loved one drinks too much, tomorrow you'll be able to find out. Free of charge and with absolute anonymity.

All you have to do is show up at one of hundreds of centers nationwide for the first National Alcohol Screening Day.

At these sites -- which include hospitals, clinics and colleges -- participants can learn from talks, videos and booklets about the dangers of alcohol abuse and about treatment. They can complete a written questionnaire to better understand whether they have a drinking problem. And they can discuss the results of the questionnaire with an experienced alcohol-abuse counselor, who can advise them on what to do next, and refer them for treatment, if necessary.

Anyone interested (including people who simply want to learn more about alcohol's effects) may call 800-405-9200 to locate the closest center. Or on the Web they can learn more at http: // or http: //

It's estimated that nearly 14 million Americans have some kind of alcohol-related problem.

The screening day has a wide range of sponsors.

Pub Date: 4/07/99

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