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April 04, 1999

Executive's veto of personnel bill was necessary

Your editorial "Override Owens veto" (March 31) missed the real reason I vetoed the personnel summary bill. Vetoing the bill was a technical necessity because County Council could not legally reconsider its action.

At the time of the veto, I had already agreed to provide the council with personnel summary information when I presented my fiscal year 2000 budget. I also agreed to provide council members with regular personnel updates as was the practice prior to 1996.

The veto was not the result of an attempt to avoid full disclosure of staffing levels and pay. To suggest otherwise is to have missed one of the central themes of my campaign and a guiding principal of my administration.

Janet S. Owens, Annapolis

The writer is Anne Arundel County executive.

Veteran officer gives poor advice

This is in reference to Gregory Kane's column in The Sun on March 7. He quoted Leonard Hamm, Baltimore public schools chief of police, as having said that he had many examples of how not to be a police officer while growing up in Cherry Hill.

Does Chief Hamm still live in Cherry Hill and if not, why? Perhaps had he stayed, he could have been a mentor for the black youth there who desperately need a role model.

Chief Hamm's advice to his son and "every young black man in the city" about what to do if they are stopped by a police officer was way off the mark.

His advice should have been for that individual to at least show a small amount of respect and to realize the danger that the officer faces on a daily basis.

Instead, his advice centered on getting the officer's name and badge number to file a complaint -- another example of citizens pointing the finger at police officers instead of accepting responsibility for their actions.

I don't believe that any police officer would object to a civilian review board provided that those civilians attend a police academy for six months and ride with an officer on patrol for at least a year.

Jeffrey Morgan, Severn

Let Europe handle Balkan ground war

We are now at the Gulf of Tonkin brink on Kosovo. We are being presented with the rationale that got us into Vietnam.

This is a blackmail operation by European states that don't want to elect one of their own as chief of police because of the political edge that would imply. Not having American ground troops also means they would have to supply more of their own.

We should tell them that as long as the Russians stay out, the most they're going to get from us is air and missile support. We have larger worries.

James A. Hoage, Severna Park

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Pub Date: 4/04/99

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