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Cinda Kassing And Jeffrey Lack

April 04, 1999|By Joanne E. Morvay | Joanne E. Morvay,Special to the Sun

Family and friends say Cinda Kassing and Jeffrey Lack are both fun-loving, kind and generous to a fault. In other words, made for each other.

When Cinda and Jeffrey began dating in July 1995, it seemed to their friends the natural evolution of a long-standing acquaintanceship.

Cinda's good friend Leli Simpson says she saw immediately how much Jeffrey meant to Cinda. "You can see in Cinda's face when she talks about someone whether she likes that person or not," Leli explains. "The way she spoke about Jeff, it was obvious how much she liked him."

Back then, Cinda was working at a job and at getting a master's degree in international affairs at George Washington University in Washington. She palled around with a group of students that included Drew McDougal. Drew so often brought along his roommate, Jeffrey, that other students began wondering why they never saw Jeffrey in class.

"They didn't realize he wasn't a student," says Drew, who met Jeffrey when they both were undergraduates at the University of Michigan. In fact, Jeffrey was already out in the working world in Washington.

Two months after he and Cinda began dating, Jeffrey celebrated his 25th birthday. His parents and siblings flew to D.C. to mark the occasion. Though Jeffrey and Cinda had been dating barely four weeks when the plans were set, Cinda agreed to join in the festivities. When the big day rolled around, Cinda surprised Jeffrey with a homemade birthday cake. (A surreptitious call to his mother ensured that the cake was Jeffrey's favorite: chocolate with white icing.)

It was a gesture typical of Cinda that went directly to Jeffrey's heart. "I kept saying, 'Look, she made me a cake,' " Jeffrey recalls.

Easter 1996 brought Jeffrey a chance to impress Cinda. At the time, he was a candy buyer for Hecht's. Through one of his clients, a nationally known jelly-bean manufacturer, he got a chance to attend the White House's annual Easter Egg Roll. Dressed up as a giant jelly bean, he, and his lovely assistant, Cinda, spent the day handing out jelly beans to children. They say they got an appreciative nod from first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It was a one-of-a-kind experience that is typical of life with Jeffrey, Cinda says.

When Jeffrey decided to return to school in the fall of 1996, the couple knew they couldn't abandon their relationship. So when Jeffrey moved to Indiana to get his master of business administration degree at Indiana University, Cinda quickly began flying from D.C. to Indiana at monthly intervals.

Cinda graduated in December 1996 and remained in Washington. Throughout 1997, she and Jeffrey managed to see each other about every three weeks.

For Easter weekend 1998, Jeffrey sneaked into Washington without telling Cinda, packed her a bag without her knowing it and whisked her away to the Inn at Little Washington in Virginia for a romantic weekend. He set the tone for the occasion by proposing to Cinda soon after they arrived.

Before the year was out, Jeffrey and Cinda had both moved to Baltimore. He works full time at Procter & Gamble Co. She had been working for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency but is "in transition" now.

On March 27, Cinda, 30, and Jeffrey, 28, were married at the Historic Car Barn, an old trolley depot in Washington, the city where they fell in love.

The wedding ceremony combined Protestant and Jewish traditions (Cinda is Methodist and Jeffrey is Jewish). And instead of a traditional wedding party, the couple had their siblings act as their "best people." Cinda was flanked by her sister, Donna Wilson, and her brother, Scott. Jeffrey's brother, David, and his sister, Julie, stood beside him.

The 175 guests included Cinda's parents, Ron and Sandy Kassing, of Allegany, N.Y., and Jeffrey's parents, Melvin and Janey Lack, of Victoria, Texas.

Many in the room were moved to tears as Cinda and Jeffrey emotionally repeated their vows.

"You could tell Jeffrey and Cinda knew exactly what they were promising one another," says Jeffrey's mother.

Pub Date: 04/04/99

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