100 shares of Pfizer in 1944 are worth $16,200,000 today

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April 02, 1999|By Julius Westheimer

WANT A REAL winner? Have your broker find you a "new" Pfizer Inc. stock. Certified Financial Planner Morry Zolet sends a note: "If you bought 100 shares of Pfizer Inc., when the company went public in 1944, you invested $4,950. You would now own 129,600 shares with a market value on December 31, 1998 of -- get this -- $16,200,000!"

"Many stocks are overpriced," says Money magazine, April, "but the ludicrous lust for Internet firms is by far the greatest market bubble of the 20th century."

Instead of investing in an individual high-flying Internet stock -- where you could suffer big losses -- begin by buying an Internet mutual fund for diversification, such as PSE Tech 100 Index Portfolio, Munder NetNet Fund and Franklin DynaTech Fund.

"More turbulence lies ahead because of rapid growth of day traders with Internet transactions, such as people buying as prices go up, then dumping quickly." (Kiplinger Washington Letter.)

"Percent of bullish advisers is going up again. Our indicators say this means a top." (Investors Intelligence.)

"The generals have lost their troops and the deteriorating market leadership is of great concern. Take money off the table." (Granville Market Letter.)

Ten years ago on Good Friday, the Dow Jones average stood at 2,293.62. Five years ago it was 3,635.96. This morning the Dow stands at 9,832.51.

Pub Date: 4/02/99

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