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April 01, 1999|By Candace Purdom | Candace Purdom,Chicago Tribune

Today's math problem:

Molly's having a sleepover for her 13th birthday. Molly's 2 parents say, "No greater than 6 guests!" Molly's friends equal 12 best buds. What is the sum of her friends who are less than happy when some learn that a party was held, minus them?

Numbers crunch: Guest lists are often tricky. "You just can't possibly include everybody all the time," says Riva Nathan, a Chicago party planner who handles about 70 kid parties a year. Nathan reminds them that the fewer kids they have the more things they can do with the kids who are there. The party budget stretches farther.

Plan B: Say you're planning a sleepover. If your parents say no to 10 more of your nearest and dearest pals, and they won't budge, change plans and go for something more simple. "Don't even think of a sleepover, think of different options," advises Paula Person, an etiquette teacher. "A picnic, a luncheon or a special outing might be a better choice."

Prepare for repair: "Someone's almost always going to find out when you're picking and choosing certain people over others," says Janie Goldberg-Dicks, a public relations specialist. Will your guilt spoil what should be an awesome time? Goldberg-Dicks says it's important to be fair and honest. Think ahead: If you don't feel fair about your guest list, change your list or your plans until you do!

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Pub Date: 04/01/99

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