Davis: `Intensity is overrated'

February 25, 1999|By Ken Rosenthal

JUPITER, Fla. -- Former Orioles outfielder Eric Davis scoffed at the Orioles' newfound emphasis on intensity with the additions of Albert Belle and Will Clark.

"Intensity is overrated. Either you can play the game or you can't," Davis said yesterday after completing his first workout with the St. Louis Cardinals. "Intensity doesn't scare nobody. Intensity doesn't field a ground ball. Intensity doesn't get a guy out.

"That's just the way those two guys play. Albert has never won a championship. Will has never won a championship. They brought them in because of intensity? No, you brought Albert in because he can hit. You brought Will in because he can play. His style of play just happened to be what you were looking for.

"Cal [Ripken] is not a great player because he doesn't grunt and grind? [Rafael] Palmeiro's not a great player because he doesn't curse and swear, because he doesn't slam his helmet? That stuff is overrated to me."

Davis, 36, declined to question the Orioles for failing to re-sign him -- "My numbers speak for themselves," he said. "Only one guy on the team [Palmeiro] had a better year than me. Evidently, .327, 28 [homers] and 89 [RBIs] wasn't good enough." --

Pub Date: 2/25/99

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