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February 22, 1999|By Cathy Collison

The Yak had a chance to yak recently with Ryan Gosling, the 18-year-old star of ``Young Hercules,'' the live-action TV show on Fox Family Channel.

Ryan was born in London, Ontario. He has starred in hit Canadian TV shows and has had roles on Nickelodeon's ``Are you Afraid of the Dark?'' and Disney's ``Flash Forward.''

We chatted with Ryan on the phone because he's in New Zealand, where the regular ``Hercules'' show also is being filmed.

Ryan, what's it like there?

It's summer; it's great. It's the perfect place for a mythical show. The locations are breathtaking.

When did you start acting?

I was 12 and picked to be on ``The Mickey Mouse Club'' on Disney. I went to audition by singing and dancing, and I did the best I could. I got a part and was hired (out of 17,000 kids) as a dancer. Then one kid wasn't doing too well, so they took away his script and I got to act.

What's different about your part now?

I'm used to playing the awkward kid or the annoying guy or the guy already failing somewhere socially. Now ``Young Hercules'' is the cool guy; he's the rock. When it comes to pressure situations, he saves the day.

What's the best part of doing the show?

The comedy. There's a lot of that. I love the fight scenes. They're fun after you choreograph and plan them.

What do you do when you're not acting?

I sing. I play the guitar, too.

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