''Best book, 'Max and the Baby-sitter' by Danielle Steel...

Book Reviews

February 17, 1999

''Best book, 'Max and the Baby-sitter' by Danielle Steel and Jacqueline Rogers. Max and his baby-sitter were making cookies. If you like funny books, read this one to find out what funny things happen when they make the cookies.''

- Rashdia Brown

Leith Walk Elementary

``I liked reading 'Cinderella' by Charles Perrault. First, I liked the action. I liked when Cinderella was running down the steps and lost her shoe. Second, I liked the ending. I liked when the prince married the girl.''

- Kasia Brandes

Wellwood International School

``I like 'Zack's Alligator' by Shirley Mozelle because it is a book where Zack gets something in the mail. It is a big box. He opens it and finds an alligator key chain and a note that says Water Bridget. He waters it and it turns into a real alligator!''

- Menachem Goldstein

Talmudical Academy of Baltimore

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