Ask The Athletes

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Sports Illustrated for Kids Weekly

February 17, 1999

If you could be another athlete, who would you be?

Grant Hill, forward, Detroit Pistons: I would be my dad, Calvin Hill. He was an NFL running back from 1969 to 1981. He excelled on and off the field.

Tino Martinez, first baseman, New York Yankees: Michael Jordan. He does things on the court no one else can do.

Brooke Bennett, Olympic gold-medal swimmer: Tiger Woods. Golf looks a lot less strenuous than swimming.



Track superstar Marion Jones of the U.S. ran the 200-meter sprint in 21.62 seconds. It was the third-fastest 200 by a woman. That's fast, but a whippet runs faster! A whippet is a small greyhound dog. A whippet can run 200 meters in 12.60 seconds. That's twice as fast as Marion!

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