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February 03, 1999

Meet Mark Messier

After playing 20 seasons in the National Hockey League, Vancouver Canuck Mark Messier is still going strong.

Mark has won six Stanley Cups. He is the only player to be the captain of two different championship teams. He played for the Edmonton Oilers and the New York Rangers.

Now Mark wants to help the Canucks win their first Cup. ``I think I have the experience to lead this team to the next level,'' he says.

Athletes vs. Animals

Former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan is known for his high-flying dunks. His Airness can leap from the foul line, glide through the air, and stuff the ball! The foul line is

15 feet from the hoop! But the red kangaroo of Australia covers

42 feet in a single leap! He jumps almost three times as far as MJ! A red 'roo could rock the rim from midcourt!

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