A story a day is the best way

Think About It

January 31, 1999

From birth to 4 years old is when most children are read to most. It is crucial to the healthy development of the brain that books and stories be read to and made available to even the youngest child.

So enjoy this period of being your child's first teacher, knowing that giving her a story every day is one of the greatest contributions you can make as a parent.

Also know, however, you are not off the hook when she becomes a reader at age 5, 6 or 7. Reading together needs to be a constant in your child's life, a promise that you would not break any sooner than you would break your promise to feed her, love her or make her wear a coat in winter.

-- From "Valerie & Walter's Best Books for Children" by Valerie V. Lewis and Walter M. Mayes

Pub Date: 01/31/99

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