Taking the fun out of reading

Read Aloud Tips

January 27, 1999

Valerie Lewis and Walter Mayes, in their book ``Valerie and Walter's Best Books for Children,'' talk about ``reading repellents.'' These are common occurences that shrink enthusiasm for books. Try to avoid these responses when talking to your children about reading.

* Disapproving: ``Why are you reading that junk?''

* Comparing: ``Your sister Elizabeth read that when she was in second grade.''

* Disciplining: ``Clean your room or you will not be allow to read for a week!''

* Missing the point: ``What are you doing reading inside on a sunny day like this?''

* Overzealous enthusiasm: Curiosity kills the story. An overly enthusiastic parent can remove the privacy factor. Reading is a solitary act and too much intrusion robs the child of that rich sense of doing something by himself.

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