Going the extra mile


January 27, 1999

Children love to listen to stories about family members and events. In the story ``Grandfather's Journey,'' the author's grandfather traveled from Japan to California by steamship. Ask your child, ``How do you think the author made the same journey when he turned old enough to travel?'' Let your child tell about some of the ways he has traveled with his own family.


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Write the sight words above on 5''-by-7'' index cards. Add any new means of travel your child brought up in the discussion about family journeys. Next, find pictures in magazines or newspapers illustrating each of these modes of transportation, and paste each picture below the appropriate word. Or ask your child to draw a picture of each transportation type. Try some of these activities using the Sight Words:

* Alphabetize the cards.

* Group them according to the categories land, air, water.

* Place five of the cards with pictures showing on the table. Allow your child to study them for one minute and then close his eyes while you remove one of the cards. Ask your child, ``What's missing?'' Play again with different pictures or more cards.

* Using the first three Sight Words cards from the story, ask your child to recall and tell the events in ``Grandfather's Journey'' in order.

- Susan Rapp,

Village Reading Center

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