Dr. Paul M. Zoll, 87, a heart specialist whose research...


January 09, 1999

Dr. Paul M. Zoll, 87, a heart specialist whose research led to the pacemaker and the defibrillator devices that have helped millions of patients, died in Newton, Mass., Tuesday of respiratory arrest.

Norman Reyes, 76, a Filipino-American radio broadcaster who was the voice of the resistance on the Bataan peninsula during the World War II battle there, died Thursday in San Pablo, Philippines. Reyes had been bedridden for several months after a stroke.

Bartolome Carrasco, 80, a retired Roman Catholic archbishop who was one of Mexico's most dedicated champions of the poor and of Indian rights, died in Mexico City Thursday of liver complications related to diabetes.

Goro Yamaguchi, 65, a master of shakuhachi, or bamboo flute, who is credited with introducing traditional Japanese music to the world, died Sunday of a heart attack in Tokyo.

Pub Date: 1/09/99

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