``My favorite book is 'Miss Nelson is Missing' by Harry...

Book Reviews

January 06, 1999

``My favorite book is 'Miss Nelson is Missing' by Harry Allard. The kids in the story remind me of my friends. The story is about a class in school that doesn't behave well. The teacher, Miss Nelson, decides to teach the class a lesson. She dresses up like a witch and comes to class as a substitute teacher named Viola Swamp. Viola Swamp is mean and makes the class work very hard.

- Benjamin Spekterman

Krieger Schechter Day School

``I think you should read the 'Whingdingdilly' by Bill Peet because it is a nice story. I like it because it's funny. You should also read the book because it will teach you to be yourself. It's one of my favorite Bill Peet books.''

- Jenae Stone

Church Lane Elementary

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