Game's thrills are positively infectious

January 05, 1999

Stricken with the bubonic plague lately? If not, you haven't played Dan Sullivan's new board game -- "Infection."

The 34-year-old Fremont, Calif., lab supervisor has developed a sort of Monopoly game for the medical-school set.

Players start with five cards representing health perils that range from the common cold to anthrax. The goal is to rid yourself of disease cards.

Players can leave contagious diseases in squares marked "public restroom" or "community swim center." If you land on one of the squares, you contract the disease. Players die when they accumulate four of the most severe diseases.

Sullivan says he's been thinking of the game since 1983 when a friend asked him to come up with an idea to make them rich. Sullivan, who has a doctorate in chemistry, has sold about 70 of the $28 games since October. -- Associated Press

Pub Date: 1/05/99

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