''If you like ponies, you'll want to read 'The Mud Pony...

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January 03, 1999

''If you like ponies, you'll want to read 'The Mud Pony' by Carol Lee Cohen. This story is about a boy who wants a pony of his own. He makes a mud pony and puts it in the sand. He goes back to his Indian camp and sees that no one is there. You've got to read the rest of this story to find out what happens to the boy and his mud pony.''

- Devan Markowitz

Lisbon Elementary

``My favorite book is 'Pinocchio.' It's about a woodcutter who made a puppet and one night the woodcutter saw a wishing star and made a wish that Pinocchio could be a real boy. The fairy came. She turned Pinocchio into a real puppet that moves by himself. In the morning the woodcutter saw that Pinocchio was alive, he was very surprised to see that his wish had come true.''

- John Shinsky

Woodhome Elementary

``I recommend 'Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs' by Judith Barrett. First, I liked the action. I liked when the pancake landed on the school and the kids did not have school. But I would miss school if it was out. Second, I liked the ending. I liked when they go sledding down the hill and they thought of Chewandswallow.''

- Simone Partlow

Wellwood International School

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