Mabry is named Realtor of Year by Real Times

Real Estate Watch

January 03, 1999

Real Times, a real estate news Internet site, has selected Irene Mabry, a Realtor at Allen Realty in Baltimore, as its 1998 Realtor of the Year in recognition for her work in helping low-income families find homes.

Mabry's work was profiled by The Sun in July and by People magazine last month.

"Irene Mabry and her extraordinary business practices have helped redefine the role of the Realtor as a powerful force in community development for those individuals who seek the dream of home ownership in a climate without hope," said Blanche Evans, editor of Real Times (

Working out of her home, Mabry seeks to ensure that her clients, many of whom barely make the minimum wage, are able to purchase an affordable home. She also works with clients to help re-establish their credit.

Mabry works with local organizations such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and Tri-Churches Housing, groups that help low-income people buy homes with low interest rates and low down payments.

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