Maryland's ever-prolific authors Books of the Region 1998

December 27, 1998|By James H. Bready | James H. Bready,SUN STAFF

Herewith, the second installment of 1998's books for the general reader - books that were about Maryland or by one or more Marylanders.

(O) means oversize; (P) means paperbound


"Beating the Odds: Raising Academically Successful African-American Males," by Freeman Hrabowski, Kenneth I. Maton and Geoffrey L. Greif (Oxford, 240 pages, $17.50) Important suggestions.

"Distance Training: How Innovative Organizations Are Using Technology to Maximize Learning and Meet Business Objectives," by Zane L. Berge and Deborah A. Schreiber (Jessey-Bass, 448 pages, $34.95). Keyboards instead of classrooms.

"John Dewey and the Challenge of Classroom Practice," by Stephen M. Fishman and Lucille McCarthy (Teachers College, 260 pages, $20.95) (P)


"Token Creek: Stories From Our Rural Heritage" by Erwin David Riedner (Waubesa Press, 255 pages, $14.95) (P). In southern Wisconsin, lively creatures with four legs or two.

"Charming Billy," by Alice McDermott (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 256 pages, $21). A U.S. Irishman longs for the girl he left behind, not knowing she has left him.

"Time to Hunt," by Stephen Hunter (Doubleday, 467 pages, $23.95). Bob Lee Swagger still has Vietnam on his mind, and a bullet in his hip. Now in Idaho, he and the sniper who aimed that bullet are ready for a showdown.

"The Baker," by Paul Hond (Random House, 360 pages, $23). A northwest Baltimore bakery has Jewish staff, African-American customers. The 1968 riot, breadbaking, a Paris interlude.

"Baltimore" by Harrison Edward Livingstone (Conservatory Press, 467 pages, $27). A loving lookback at bars, artists' studios, law courts, Bolton Hill apartments, more bars. Now and then, bedsheets scorch.

"Stealing Freedom" by Elisa Carbone (Knopf, 276 pages, $17). ++ Ann Maria Weems, young Montgomery County slave, is spirited off to freedom - from in front of the White House. There was an actual such event.

"The Ape Who Guards the Balance" by Elizabeth Peters (Avon, 376 pages, $24). In 1907 Egypt, further excavations by Radcliffe and Amelia Emerson, thanks to (behind the pseudonym) Barbara Mertz. Could this tomb be Akhenaton's?

"An Unholy Alliance" by Ella Guidry-Harrison (Aunt Hagar's Chaps, 273 pages, $19.95) (P). In Louisiana, a strong woman has a husband, son, a second husband.

"Oysterback Spoken Here" by Helen Chappell (Woodholme, 163 pages, $14.95) (P). The Oysterback Bugeye having so few Western Shore subscribers, Chappell transmits recent highlights.

"White Boys" by Reginald McKnight (Henry Holt, 214 pages, $23). Five stories, set in Senegal, Colorado, Louisiana.

"This Never Happened," by E. W. Summers (Random House, 277 pages, $23). Will the son of a domineering father develop similarly, or become a better person?

"Casablanca Notebook: A Collection of Tales From Morocco" by Louis Roberts Sheldon (Gateway, 231 pages, $18) (P). A former writer-correspondent's stories of war and peace there.

Local History, Guidebooks

"Eastern Shore Indians of Virginia and Maryland" by Helen C. Rountree and Thomas E. Davidson (University of Virginia, 329 pages, $16.95) (P). Indian villages such as Ozinies and Tockwogh: just where were they?

"Tidewater Triumph: The Development and Worldwide Triumph of the Chesapeake Bay Pilot Schooner" by Geoffrey M. Footner (Mystic Seaport Museum, 305 pages, $39.95). The "Baltimore Clipper"? In design, it was simply an unsung Chesapeake Bay workboat.

"The Evils of Necessity: Robert Goodloe Harper and the Moral Dilemma of Slavery" by Eric Robert Papenfuse (American Philosophical Society, 160 pages, $18) (P). Harper, an 1820 Baltimore bigwig, was prominent in the attempt to ship U.S. blacks to Liberia.

"Olmsted's Sudbrook: The Making of a Community" by Melanie D. Anson (Sudbrook Park Inc., 230 pages, $24.95) (O) (P). Baltimore's first (1889) unitary-concept suburb. As its designer, developers brought in the best - Frederick Law Olmsted.

"Way Back When in Sudbrook Park" by Beryl Frank (Sudbrook Park Inc., 66 pages, $12.95). A companion volume, going at it house by house.

"After Chancellorsville: Letters From the Heart" edited by Judith A. Bailey and Robert I. Cottom (Maryland Historical Society, 261 pages, $22.50) (P). Private Walter G. Dunn, grievously wounded in battle, convalesced in a Baltimore military hospital, corresponding with his girl back in New Jersey. And, they married.

"Baltimore Transitions: Views of an American City in Flux" by Mark B. Miller (Pridemark, 223 pages, $22.45). Old-time street scenes, photographed from the identical spots today.

"The Maryland Club: A History of Food and Friendship in Baltimore, 1857-1997" by Robert J. Brugger (The Maryland Club, 414 pages). Dignitaries, gourmandise, story-telling.

"Gardens and Gardening in the Chesapeake Country, 1700-1805," by Barbara Wells Sarudy (Johns Hopkins, 207 pages, $29.95). Nature, under control.

"Architecture in Annapolis: A Field Guide," Marcia Miller and Orlando Ridout V, editors (Maryland Historical Trust, 215 pages, $20) (P). Photos, drawings, plans.

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