Sailors can be capitalists, too

December 22, 1998|By Houston Chronicle

Millions of landlubbers have fallen under the spell of its pastel-colored paper money and plots of land from Mediterranean Avenue to Boardwalk.

Now Monopoly is reeling in sailors with a new U.S. Navy edition and the opportunity to buy aircraft carriers and the Blue Angels in its first game dedicated to a military service.

Dedicated to the men and women in the Navy, the game's pewter playing tokens include an anchor, jet fighter plane, sailor hat and a partially submerged submarine. Atlantic Fleet and Pacific Fleet cards replace the Chance and Community Chest cards in the Navy game. And as in all the special versions, properties on the game board are different. They include the Naval Academy, Norfolk Naval Base, Seawolf submarine, a sub-chasing P3 Orion and the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise.

Pub Date: 12/22/98

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