Nixon's resignation showed the wisdom Bill Clinton lacksI...

Letters to the Editor

December 21, 1998

Nixon's resignation showed the wisdom Bill Clinton lacks

I voted for and supported President Clinton, but during the last 10 to 12 months, my support and respect for him have eroded. There is no other alternative except for him to resign.

As an intelligent lawyer and politician, he surely could have found a way to save himself the agony and suffering of the past year. It is strange for me -- a strong believer in his presidency. Every time he makes a statement on TV refusing to admit that he has lied, he is in deeper and murkier waters. To borrow an anonymous quotation from the Sun Journal (Dec. 15): "It is

human to err but diabolical to persevere in error."

The president's advisers and lawyers have failed him from the start of the Lewinsky incident to the last apology before his critical peace mission to the Middle East.

The president's resignation would spare the country the turmoil and expense of an impeachment trial.

President Nixon, 25 years ago, showed more wisdom and concern for the country than Mr. Clinton.

Constant J. Georges


To GOP, Clinton's crime was beating George Bush

What is Bill Clinton's real crime? He is a liberal Democrat who had the audacity to beat George Bush in the 1992 presidential election, thus derailing the conservative revolution started by Ronald Reagan more than a decade earlier.

The Clinton haters' anger is fueled by their knowledge that they were responsible for his election by abandoning George Bush over his "read my lips, no new taxes" fiasco. Their protest votes for Ross Perot turned out to be the votes that elected Mr. Clinton.

James M. Doty

Perry Hall

Reactionary Republicans destroying Constitution

The reactionary Republicans in Congress have foisted a nightmare on the nation. Hearings on the impeachment for President Clinton never should have been held for such minor and flimsy violations. Impeachment of a president is reserved for high crimes and misdemeanors. The actions of the president do not come close to meeting that definition. The Republicans are destroying the Constitution.

Polls show that the majority of the American people do not want Mr. Clinton impeached. They are correct. Although President Reagan committed crimes that were far more serious, Democrats in Congress did not try to impeach him. For the Republicans to subject the country to this travesty is an outrage.

Kenneth Starr was supposed to be an independent counsel. However, he was never unbiased. His actions were a disgrace. )) He became the national inquisitor who was determined to get the president on some charge, no matter how absurd it was.

The people of this nation should vote any Republican or Democrat who votes to impeach President Clinton out of office in the next election. They should pay the price for destroying the Constitution and subverting the will of the American people.

Kay Dellinger


This is judicial; it's not political

This isn't about politics. This isn't about the Republicans getting the Democrats. This is about our judicial system and about anyone being above the law.

No one is above the law. That includes the president of the United States.

Our president should be held up to the highest standards. He represents our country to the world. The American people may not care that President Clinton has had extramarital affairs, but they should care about the impact this may have on our judicial system.

Betsy Emery

Ellicott City

Getting beyond capital's national affairs

Can we find one political leader in Congress who has not had an adulterous affair?

Marina Segel


Maybe Clinton's next move is to comfort killers here

With his usual high morality, President Clinton has asserted that terrorists accused of murder deserve the same sympathy as their victims ("Israelis angry as Clinton equates victims," Dec. 16).

As he made this remarkable discovery while visiting Jerusalem and Gaza, we must assure him that he could accomplish the same goal without traveling 6,000 miles.

I imagine that he will now visit federal penitentiaries in the United States to seek the speedy liberation of all American felons sentenced to death or life imprisonment for having murdered innocent victims.

Arnold Blumberg


City residents have gained nothing from their leaders

For too many years, African Americans in Baltimore have been used by a number of leaders, religious and secular, as the means to gain power, funding and notoriety. Citizens have gained nothing.

The trash and filth on our streets and in alleys on any given day, after the trucks have made their rounds, does not speak well for the Department of Public Works or community service centers.

On the corners are walking dead men, women and youth who wait for the next nail in their coffins. The total disrespect shown for self and others pervades conversations.

A candidate who cannot deliver on these problems should not run for mayor. Residents must read, study and investigate the backgrounds and affiliations and vote for the best candidate.

Ornat W. Erby


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