Rehrmann not worthy of praise she received in Sun...


December 17, 1998

Rehrmann not worthy of praise she received in Sun editorial

Your editorial "Assessing the suburbs' outgoing leaders" (Dec. 7), praising former Harford County Executive Eileen Rehrmann, is without merit.

Years prior to her term, Harford County constructed a state-of-the-art landfill and a resource recovery plant that converts waste to steam, heating Aberdeen Proving Ground.

We also began remedial measures on the old Tollgate Landfill. These projects are serving Harford County's waste requirements for 20 years.

The expansion of water and sewer lines and capacity controls development. Ms. Rehrmann provided water and sewer in too many areas, and as a result, Harford County has experienced overdevelopment.

In Ms. Rehrmann's eight years, Harford has experienced hundreds of millions in debt, higher tax bills, increased fees and overdevelopment.

Finally, the "fast track" permit program was not established by Ms. Rehrmann. The system was well-documented, and it attracted industry to Harford County four years before the Rehrmann administration. This is an absolute, undisputed fact.

One thing is far worse than a politician who fabricates and takes credit for others' accomplishments, and that is editors who are ,, so complacent that they fail to present an accurate account.

The only effort necessary to find the truth is to research your own newspaper articles from the past.

Habern W. Freeman

Bel Air

The writer is a former Harford County executive.

Administrators back effort to improve MSPAP scores

The Public School Administrators and Supervisors Association (PSASA) was pleased to learn that the Maryland School Performance Assessment Program results for Baltimore City Public Schools have improved.

Our members, the principals, assistant principals and middle-level administrators have worked very hard with our teachers for six years to increase student achievement in grades three, five and eight. While MSPAP scores have not risen to state standards or where we want them to be, they have improved.

Last year, nine of our principals were reassigned to assistant principal positions because of a perceived low school performance.

The newly released results indicate increases in the MSPAP scores in eight of their nine schools.

Our members think that the public needs to know that their efforts were not in vain. We will continue our work to bring our children to state standards in the coming years.

Sheila Z. Kolman


The writer is president of the Public School Administrators and Supervisors Association.

Gun purchase instant check performs below expectation

The National Instant Check System (NICS), designed to quickly research the backgrounds of prospective firearms buyers, is a dismal failure.

Since it went on line, the system has crashed three times. Delays of up to three hours for dealers to access the system are common. Several people have been denied purchases, although the Maryland State Police has cleared them.

Given that the volume of NICS calls has been only about half of the FBI's estimate, there is no excuse for the system to be operating so poorly. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have stated that about 15 to 20 percent of the people they check would be delayed in their purchases. That figure is nearly 48 percent.

Buyers are being delayed for no other reason than the NICS system is not able to check their backgrounds because of system failures, lack of information or lack of authority of the NICS representative.

Americans have a right under the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights to own firearms for legitimate uses. We are not talking about criminals, but law-abiding citizens who are being denied that right.

Sanford Abrams


The writer is vice president of the Maryland Licensed Firearms Dealers Association.

Government of the people or of the right wing?

With few exceptions, members of the Republican Party have taken the position that President Clinton must be removed from office in spite of numerous polls showing that more than 60 percent of the population does not favor impeachment.

Apparently, Republicans seem to be saying that this isn't a "government of the people, by the people, for the people" and that they will do as they see fit in spite of what the public thinks.

This is precisely the position taken by every tin-horn dictator who has ignored the voice of the people while trampling on their right to be heard.

This raises the serious question of whether our great country is now beholden to a party in charge of Congress that is turning Abraham Lincoln's famous phrase at Gettysburg on its head so that it now reads: "Government of the right-wing, by the right-wing, for the right-wing."

John D. Venables


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